Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SharePoint: How Hard Can It Be?


Are you looking for SharePoint tricks (and tips) written in non-technical terms and designed for SharePoint end-users, power users, site owners, or other non-IT professionals? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In 2008, I was tasked with building a SharePoint site. Although I had no experience with SharePoint, web design, or HTML, I was determine to figure it out. After all, I once worked as a graphic artist at a newspaper. How hard could it be?

The most difficult part of building the WSS (SharePoint 2003) site was getting Flash to work. Today, Technet has a wonderfully simple article on how to implement Flash on a SharePoint 2010 site.

This blog is where I will document, for myself and for you, the troubles I encounter and the solutions I employ. If I ever get too technical, feel free to reach into your monitor and slap me silly. We end users/business users/power users have to stick together, learn together, and conquer together!

To submit blog topic, you can email sharepointmadam@gmail.com or find me on Twitter as @SharePointMadam.

Happy collaborating!

P.S. The SharePoint site I created in 2008 was a huge success! It has a new owner and new content now, but it's still widely used throughout the company.